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On May 29, the general administration of customs issued "about abolish all customs clearance form of entry/exit goods related issues notice" (the general administration of customs announcement no. 50, 2018), from June 1st, cancel out to full/import goods declaration form.

To this, the relevant person in charge of the general administration of customs, said the declaration process to cancel the customs clearance sheet is an important part of the customs inspection business comprehensive integration, and promote trade facilitation sea freight from china, effectively optimize the business environment of the important reforms, facilitate customs clearance process "to numerous is Jane", dividend reform the import and export enterprises to better enjoy the customs.

Check the natural results of fusion

The release of notice no. 50 means that the term "customs clearance bill" will become a thing of the past.

As a passport for import and export inspection by law, the customs clearance form is issued by the original entry-exit inspection and quarantine department, which is a certificate to declare to the customs for customs clearance. Take the export customs clearance form as an example. After submitting the application for inspection, the enterprise shall provide relevant documents and materials, and the sampling time of the actual products shall be determined by the personnel of the original inspection and quarantine department. After passing the inspection shipping from china, the original inspection and quarantine department issues the customs clearance certificate for the product. Within the time specified in the customs clearance certificate, the batch of products can be declared at customs by the customs clearance certificate.

As the original delimit the customs, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine department will no longer need across departments to provide proof, simplify customs clearance process become reform direction, internal can complete the customs inspection of commodity inspection and confirmation. The law of the People's Republic of China on import and export commodity inspection which has been modified, delete "customs cargo clearance certificate issued by the commodity inspection authorities shall", for the cancellation of the customs form established the legal basis.

Send release instructions uniformly

According to the announcement, abolish all customs clearance form of entry/exit goods, involving legal inspection and quarantine requirements of the import goods declaration, enterprises are no longer in the customs declaration attached documents and fill out the customs form code number, can be A "single window" customs clearance and A declaration to the customs china shipping agency, if you want to use A "single window" separate customs declaration, inspection declaration interface or the client to declare customs clearance enterprises, enterprises in the customs declaration accompanying documents shall fill in the quarantine inspection and quarantine on the electronic receipt number, and fill in the "A"; Involves legal inspection and quarantine requirements of the export goods declaration, enterprises in the customs declaration attached documents do not need to fill out the customs form code and number, shall fill in the inspection on the electronic receipt enterprise inspection electronic enterprise data, code and fill in the "B".

After the customs clearance order is cancelled, the customs uniformly sends a release order during the release process, and the business unit of the site under the customs supervision shall handle the lifting and departure of goods for the enterprise on the strength of the customs release order.

Shandong port, for example, in 2017, the year of shandong port customs clearance enterprises to handle customs clearance form of entry/exit goods about 900000, including about 200000 batch entry and exit of about 700000, after the reform, abolish all the documents, not only simplified customs procedures, the overall customs clearance time is further shortened.

In addition, the announcement for some special cases, such as entry animals and plants and their products, in transit shall provide the ship the parcels to prove, as well as the export of centralized declaration and so on special cargo, or because of computer, such as system failure problem, still need to inspection and quarantine of paper documents, the corresponding treatment.